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High Net Worth Investor:
Are Traditional Investments Not Satisfying You?

If you are a high net worth investor, preserving and growing your wealth is likely a high priority for you. You worked hard for your money. Now you feel it should be working hard for you.

But chasing maximum return and yield is hard, isn’t it? Stocks are great, until they aren’t. Getting responsibly diversified is more difficult than ever. Hedge funds can work, but you’re never really sure what they’re doing with your money. Options can be a great alternative, but most make the mistake of buying them. Stock option sellers may think they’ve found an answer, but premiums can be small, and margin requirements huge.

Most will simply give up and settle for what they get. The market will decide their fate – it goes up, they will feel good. If it goes down, they will feel bad. However, if you always felt there was a smarter way to invest and all you had to do was find it, you may finally be home.


Welcome to Option Selling:
A Real Alternative

In a study conducted by the CME, on average 76.5% of all options held to expiration at the CME from 1997 – 1999 expired worthless.*

There is a solution.

It’s called selling options. Not in stocks, but in a completely separate asset class – commodities. This investment strategy can provide you with some flat out advantages as an investor. You won’t hear about it from your broker or financial advisor. But it exists and it’s real. There is only a small segment of the investment community that knows how to deploy it in a portfolio. The tough part is finding somebody that knows how to do it – right.

Having found this website, you’ve already done that. Whether you are seeking diversification from equities, an attractive rate of return or are simply tired of trying to pick market direction, here you will discover an approach that can potentially deliver all three. Option selling, of course, does involve its own set of risks as well. Here you can not only gain a wealth of option selling insights from real portfolio managers, you have the ability to work directly with two of the country’s top option selling experts – the authors of McGraw-Hills classic book on selling options – in managing your portfolio.

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Smart investors don’t only want the highest odds of success when putting money to work, they seek out the best expertise they can find to help them manage it.

OptionSellers.com is recognized as the global authority

on selling commodity options. Our flagship book, The Complete Guide to Option Selling, now in its third (McGraw Hill 2015) edition, was authored by OptionSellers.com’s James Cordier and Michael Gross. You may know them from regular media appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, Fox Business, or their regularly published articles or market comments in The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Forbes, and MarketWatch. Founder James Cordier has been interviewed on his strategy and the markets by the likes of Larry Kudlow, Neil Cavuto, Robert Lenzner of Forbes and Dr. Donald Moine of Morningstar Advisors.. As a client of OptionSellers.com, you have the ability to work directly with the authors in the managing of your option selling portfolio.

Since 1999

OptionSellers.com has helped investors across the globe employ funds in an option selling approach. If you are a high net worth investor who qualifies for our program, perhaps we can help you too. To learn more, first get your complimentary e-report at the top of this page.

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The Complete Guide to Option Selling
As a client of
OptionSellers.com you gain the ability to work directly with the authors of McGraw-Hill’s The Complete Guide to Option Selling.

* From: Commodities Options: Trading and Hedging Volatility in Today’s Most Lucrative Markets, Garner, Brittain; page 194