2018 Looks Bright for Option Writers




2018 Looks Bright for Option Writers

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Bi-Monthly Market Update: December 7, 2017

Good afternoon. This is James Cordier of OptionSellers.com with a market update for December 7th and the last update for 2017. Before chatting with you today, sitting at my desk, I was wondering if I should pat myself on the back for having a pretty good year this year and I think definitely not. I think what we should do is turn the camera around and point it towards you, our clients, and congratulate yourselves. Why you might ask? Well, has anyone ever been out to dinner and overheard people talking about how high the stock market is, or the price of Apple stock? Of course we have. Taking your investment dollars and following the heard is extremely easy. Have you ever been out to dinner and overhear someone talking about their commodity option portfolio that they write strangles, and straddles, and condors? Probably not – unless you live in Tampa, Florida, that is. Thinking outside the box with your investment dollars requires intestinal fortitude. So, congratulations for doing that. Looking forward in 2018, I see a very similar landscape to selling options on commodities that we saw one year ago. There’s certainly some nuances coming forward, some out of Washington D.C., and of course the normal interest rate hikes that are considered but, for the most part, I think what we’re viewing for 2018 looks exceptional. I think we’ll have another very good year. We’ll have to wait and see, it won’t be long now. I would like to wish everyone good health, a very happy holiday, and look forward to chatting with you again in three weeks. Thank you.

  1. Thanks, your concept and ideas 💡 are giving my portfolio a new jump start. I love ❤️ equity options, but options on commodities is the perfect addition!

  2. Thanks James. Season’s greetings. Here’s hoping for a good 2018.
    BTW, it’s “herd” not “heard”!

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