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Your Chance to work Directly with the Authors of McGraw Hill’s The Complete Guide to Option Selling

Don’t Have the Time or Expertise to Sell Commodities Options Yourself?

If you are like most investors, you are not a professional trader. That of course, does not mean that you wouldn’t like to enjoy the advantages that professionals enjoy. As a client of OptionSellers.com, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you are a high net worth investor who does not have the time or expertise to sell commodity options on your own and believe that hiring top expertise is the first, best investment you can make, then a managed option selling account at OptionSellers.com may be for you. We are your professionals. In fact, here you gain a full team of professionals working on your behalf towards a mutual goal: your success.

Here you will meet and consult (by phone or in person) personally with the authors of McGraw-Hill’s The Complete Guide to Option Selling, work out a full trading plan for your account and have it implemented directly by head portfolio manager James Cordier and his team.

Proprietary Fundamental Research

As a client, you gain full access to our proprietary fundamental research, featured by the likes of CNBC, Bloomberg, and MarketWatch. This private client information is put to work in your portfolio first, before ever being shared with public media outlets. Your account is positioned by your traders using our custom FUDOM method of selling options, incorporating select group of option selling strategies in a basket of uncorrelated commodities markets. If you seek real diversification, trading with the percentages and potential for outsized returns all managed by the team that wrote the book on option selling, the OptionSellers.com account program may be for you.

* While OptionSellers.com strives to provide precision positioning and risk management strategies, no “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.

investor discovery packinvestor discovery packinvestor discovery packinvestor discovery pack

Benefits of Joining “The Family”

Unlike many investment houses, you won’t find 75 brokers sitting in a “phone room” here. Here you work with a tight knit team who knows you by name and your objectives by heart. Once you’re in, you’re one of our family. One of us. One of the elite. You’re an Option Seller. And you are treated as such.

We do not offer “self directed” accounts nor do we offer “discount” rates. There are plenty of places that offer that service if that is what you are after. What you will get here is a managed portfolio that sells deep out of the money options over a basket of meticulously researched, diversified commodities markets.

Your account is monitored and managed full time – directly by us – primarily James Cordier himself. Action is taken in the account if a new opportunity presents itself or a risk parameter is triggered. There is no action required on your part except to watch your account (if you like) and participate in a periodic progress evaluation and update. At the same time, you maintain ultimate control over your account and can direct us to start/stop or alter your trading plan at any time.

Types of Accounts

Platinum Club

*Our exclusive special offering for foundations, institutions, family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals

Initial Investment: $10 MM+


  • All Standard Benefits →
  • Special Additional Fee Discount off Founders Club Rate
  • Periodic account updates throughout the year directly from James Cordier.
  • Direct access to Cordier with questions on your account.
  • Annual all expense paid trip to Tampa for personal meeting with both James Cordier and Michael Gross to discuss your portfolio progress and outlook (May we suggest January or February for our Northern clients?)

Founder’s Club

Initial Investment: $1 MM – $10 MM +

Fee Discount: 15% off Standard Rate


  • All Standard Benefits →
  • Fee Discount: 15% off Standard Rate
  • Periodic account updates throughout the year directly from James Cordier.
  • Direct access to Cordier with questions on your account.
  • Annual all expense paid trip to Tampa for personal meeting with both James Cordier and Michael Gross to discuss your portfolio progress and outlook (May we suggest January or February for our Northern clients?)

Starter Account

Initial Investment: $500,000 – $999,999

Fees: $69 Round Turn


  • All Standard Benefits →


All Account Types Include the Following:

  1. Your account is personally managed by the Author of McGraw-Hill’s The Complete Guide to Option Selling and long time portfolio manager, James Cordier and his team.
  2. Initial Account Orientation, Goal Setting and Strategy Planning Session directly with James Cordier
  3. Access to daily electronic statements and trade confirmations (with paper option) directly from our clearing firm (see clearing information below)
  4. Full access to your account manager and/or your personal service concierge via phone or email any time you have questions, comments or requests about anything.
  5. Periodic updates and strategy review from our trading team on the progress of your account.
  6. A monthly subscription to the client edition of the OptionSeller Newsletter – a private version of our flagship newsletter which highlights our option selling research and strategy not available to the general public.
  7. Your private client bi-monthly video update from James Cordier on markets and account strategy.
  8. Our complimentary “welcome to the family” box for new clients, which includes a personalized, autographed edition of The Complete Guide to Option Selling 3rd Edition, amongst other free goodies and orientation materials.

Entity Information

You may open an account as a personal, corporate (or LLC), trust or partnership account. You may also open an account through your IRA.

Clearing Information

In futures and options investments, the importance of a rock solid clearing firm cannot be underestimated. It is for this reason that clients of OptionSellers.com enjoy the security of having all of their trades cleared through INTL – FC Stone, one of the oldest, most established, best capitalized clearing firms in the industry. INTL – FC Stone is a Fortune 500 publicly owned company that had its origins in the futures clearing business in 1924. More information on INTL -FC Stone and how they serve you is included in your INVESTOR DISCOVERY PACK addressed below.

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Request your Account Discovery Pack

If you are interested in an account with OptionSellers.com and would like to learn more, we highly recommend our complimentary Investor Discovery Pack as a next step.

This comprehensive Pack will answer most of your questions regarding our managed accounts, how they work, define our full portfolio strategy and a give a full description of our trading plan, risk parameters, risk management plan, market breakdowns and commodities you can expect to trade, margin targets and other trading information. You will also learn more about what to expect in your interactions with your OptionSellers.com team, clearing information, due diligence, risk disclosures, and a specially designed quiz to determine if an option selling portfolio is right for you.

To Request your Investor Discovery Pack Now, click the link below to request online or simply call the toll free number below to request by phone.

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* Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and your information is strictly confidential and will never be shard with any outside parties. There is absolutely no obligation to open an account, nor is there any guarantee you will be accepted for an account. You will not be solicited by anyone, nor will you be asked for your phone number.