The Complete Guide to Option Selling

The McGraw-Hill’s Updated 3rd Edition!


What The Complete Guide to Option Selling
Can do for YOU

The new 3rd Edition of this Investment Classic has been fully updated and in parts, rewritten to reflect the new market environment and the opportunities it presents. 10 years after the first edition broke onto the investment scene, the new version of the Complete Guide to Option Selling outlines and teaches a strategy that is even more relevant in today’s markets than ever.

Unlike so many other options books, The Complete Guide is not a “1,001 things to know about options” written by some ivory tower professor or math geek. Instead, it is a compilation of practical, useful and most profitable approaches as experienced in real life by two real professional option sellers. We’ve kept what worked and discarded all the rest. You don’t need to learn “1,001 strategies”. You only need a few good ones that work and can be implemented in real life by individual investors. That’s the advantage of The Complete Guide to Option Selling – Only the real life facts and a real life plan for you to start taking premium right now!

In this easy to read and entertaining book you will learn some surprising secrets and candid revelations – not only about option selling but the trading industry itself. These include:

The Complete Guide to Option Selling - Third Edition
  • Why Option Selling is a “Must Have” Strategy for today’s High Net Worth Investor
  • Why most of what you hear or learn about options trading is dead wrong and dangerous to your portfolio
  • How real professional traders and commercial interest use option selling to their advantage – and take your money home with them.
  • Why greeks and option math may not be as important as you thought
  • The Dirty Little Secret of how money really gets made in Commodities Options
  • How to implement a quick, simple option selling approach that most individual investors will never know about
  • Why your broker may not be “on your side”
  • Why so many stock option sellers are “converting” to commodities options
  • A Simple Strategy for managing “unlimited risk” to preserve your premiums and protect your downside
  • And much, MUCH MORE!
“A must read: Cordier & Gross have covered all the bases in this book about the (arguably) best option strategy– writing options. Not only does this book begin with the basics, but it moves well into the more sophisticated facets of the strategy, including the comparisons of option selling strategies to speculative strategies.”

– Lawrence McMillan, best-selling author of Options as a Strategic Investment, and editor of The Option Strategist Newsletter and Daily Volume Alerts


If you are a serious option trader or just a high net worth investor considering an option selling approach – DO NOT TRADE ANOTHER CONTRACT UNTIL YOU READ THIS BOOK! Remember, should you choose to ignore this advice, the information contained within the covers will be had by your competing traders and investors and used against you in the open markets. Any investor serious about selling options needs this text.

Option Selling is not a “silver bullet” risk free path to certain gains in the market. There is no such thing. What it is, is an institutional grade approach to investing that can offer you advantages in the market not generally known by the overall investment community. Take it, learn it, use it!


Have you ever heard or believed any of these option investing Myths?

Yes! These are myths:

  1. Buying Options is a sure path to big gains in the market
  2. Stocks offer the best opportunities for Option Writers
  3. Successful Option traders need to be experts in option theory, greek symbols, and 1,001 strategies and how to apply them
  4. Successful option traders need to dedicate hours to trading and analysis each day
  5. Successful option traders need to invest in complex option software
  6. Investing in commodities is only for professionals or industry “insiders”. Individual investors don’t stand a chance.
“The Complete Guide to Option Selling, 3rd edition, is an excellent reminder that selling options is less stressful and more forgiving than traditional direction trading strategies. In the options trading world you gain a needed edge by including seasonal considerations, defined risk measures, and exit plans. This book has what it takes and is valuable to both novice and experienced traders.”

– Jack Walker, Author IVolatility Trading Digest

If you believe any of these assertions put forth by any number of books, courses, newsletters, investment advisors or anyone else with their own agenda, I have some bad news for you.
They are all False!


If you are a high net worth investor, preserving and growing your wealth is likely a high priority for you. You worked hard for your money. Now you feel it should be working hard for you. In an effort to make that hard won equity grow, you began “experimenting” with options. And based on those experiments, you now find yourself either a novice or somewhat experienced options trader. Whether you experienced any success or not, it’s likely that you still feel something is missing. Am I right? Either you’re doing something well that you think you can be doing better. Or you never seemed to solve the options game and were ready to give up.

But you haven’t yet, have you? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Something inside you still holds out hope that the early promise that options offered you can still be fulfilled.

Well I have some good news for you. It can.

The problem with options is nobody really knows what they should know and how much of it they need. For most, it’s a long game of trial and error. I cannot tell you the number of times I have talked to experienced option traders on the phone who have told me in one form or another . “I went to option’s school – the school of hard knocks.”

Fortunately, there is a solution for you. You can bypass the school of hard knocks and go to directly what works, all you need to know, distilled and culled from over 45 combined years of option trading experience.

Have you always felt there was a place where your money could be working harder, better and perhaps, smarter? If you answered “yes”, you are about to be introduced to a concept that will change the way you view investing forever.

“The Complete Guide to Option Selling offers investors a truly unique, practical and valuable perspective into another dimension of option strategy. A very cool book and interesting angle!”

– Jared A Levy, Risk Manager and Author of “fYour Options Handbook” & “The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Options”

High Net Worth Investor
In Our view based on our many years of experience,

The Top 3 Things You Must

accept about options before you can start making any real money at it:

  1. 90% of everything you read, hear or watch about options is useless drivel or outright Wrong.
  2. Never be a net Buyer of options. ALWAYS be a Seller of Options.
  3. There is an asset class other than stocks for applying your option selling approach.


Money Back Guarantee

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Money Back Guarantee! If this is not the most unique, insightful, useful option selling book you have ever read, you can return the book, for a no questions asked, full refund of your purchase price.