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Oil for Option Sellers

Crude Oil Prices and Gold and Silver volatility are big topics for Professional Option Sellers James Cordier and Michael Gross this month. Listen in to this months Option Seller Radio Show as the two discuss option selling strategies for writing put options and possibly call options in crude oil futures, as well as a new option strategy for investing in gold and silver.




James Cordier comments on Fed Hike and Implications for Option Sellers

Click To Read Video Transcript (Video Transcript) December 18, 2015 James Cordier Market Update Good afternoon this is James Cordier of with a market update for December 18th, well with just a few days left in 2015 Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve came through and did normalize interest rates raising them all the way to a quarter and further strengthening the dollar as...

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Video Market Update “Market Rally or Not?”, November 09, 2015

Click To Read Video Transcript (Video Transcript) Good afternoon. This is James Cordier of with a market update for November 9th. My goodness it’s almost Thanksgiving; just a couple of weeks away. Where did the year go? I think everyone says that and I’m saying that as well. Last time we chatted, we were talking about precious metals and non-precious metals. They were involved...

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