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Election Volatility Creates Overpriced Commodities Options; Opportunity for Sellers

Click To Read Video Transcript (Video Transcript) Good afternoon, this is James Cordier of, with a market update for November 4th. Well, November 4th is certainly close to the election now and the next time we get to chat we will know who is governing our great country, and the world for that matter, next time we speak. What is so interesting right now...

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Forget the Fed: Softs Markets Heating Up in Commodities

Click To Read Video Transcript (Video Transcript) Good afternoon. This is James Cordier of with a market update for June 3rd. Later this year, we’re going to look back at the months of May and June. I think we’re going to see that we had quite a crescendo in option values as premiums have ballooned over the last 30 to 60 days, with much...

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Oil for Option Sellers

Crude Oil Prices and Gold and Silver volatility are big topics for Professional Option Sellers James Cordier and Michael Gross this month. Listen in to this months Option Seller Radio Show as the two discuss option selling strategies for writing put options and possibly call options in crude oil futures, as well as a new option strategy for investing in gold and silver.

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