Discover this option “Super Strategy” that offers Limited Risk yet the Potential for Outsized Returns




Discover this option “Super Strategy” that offers Limited Risk yet the Potential for Outsized Returns

  1. Dear Michael, Dear James.

    Many Thanks for your interesting videos and blogs. I read your book “The Complete Guide to OPTION SELLING” 2 months ago, and from then on, commodities are more and more interesting to me.

    For practice, In my paper trade account at my broker, I also copy your trades suggested, like this weeks “soybean option strangle showing 11.60 and 8.40”.

    On big problem I have, is, that there are so many things to have a look at and to consider, if you are doing research for commodities.

    Thinking about the key fundamentals and other important data (e. g. when is crop planted or harvested, seasonals, what risks are there for the different commodities) that you were talking about in your book, it’s a huge amount of data.

    My question is: is there a source like a line-up or schedule, that shows a summary of all the most important things referring to the different commodities…

    I haven’t found already yet.

    Many thanks in advance and best regards from Munich/Bavaria.


    • Michael Gross Says:
      October 20, 2016 at 3:06 pm

      Hello Ralf,

      Excellent question. I wish I had an easy answer. You are right in that there are alot of data sources and many moving parts. For a beginner, I recommend picking one commodity and learning all you can about it, fundamentals, supply demand cycles, key producers and users, seasonal tendencies, historical price performance and why prices moved the way they did. As for data sources, we subscribe to 3 separate news feeds here in our office (Dow Jones, Reuters and Bloomberg, monitor USDA and EIA reports and data regularly (,, and subscribe to several private research services and newsletters – taking 3 traders to monitor all of this full time. So yes, for a fully diversified portfolio, there is much to monitor (but, in our opinion, great advantage in doing so). That being said, for an individual trying this out at home, who only has the time or resources for one information source, I would suggest starting with The Hightower Report as a good source of basic, daily information.

      Thank you and I hope that helps.


      • Hello Michael,

        many, many thanks for your quick and detailed answer.

        It’s interesting for me to see, what your data providers are and which reports you are monitoring regularly.

        Your statement “taking 3 traders to monitor all of this full time” shows to me, how extensive this is.

        For me, the advantages of commodities in contrast to shares, are really interesting, and a way to diversify my investing.

        Many thanks for your hint of “The Hightower Report” – I will have a detailed look at it… This website is completely new to me and I haven’t heard of it before.

        Many thanks again.

        Best regrads,

  2. kanu bhatia Says:
    October 19, 2016 at 4:31 am

    Micheal/ James,
    I am regular follow ur news letter & place the trades & getting great results so far (100%), i try to tweak little on conservative side. I entered the trade fill on 07/20/2016 Sell To Open 1 LCZ1698P -Put & collected $ 210 to be on more safe side. (per July news letter to sell 100p for $400 – $450). I can live with it
    Currently its in RED for -$1,100.00 loss & in/out of ITM several time, still has 45 days to go.
    is there any place to look some info to decide to hold to expiry ? or take loss & move on , appreciate ur timely feed back.

    • Michael Gross Says:
      October 19, 2016 at 2:43 pm

      Dear Kanu,

      Thank you for your question and glad to hear you are getting results.

      In regard to the cattle trade, our suggested risk parameters would take you out at double premium – in your case, about $420. It appears this option has been allowed to run a bit. At this point, should you hold it, you’re trying to predict short term market direction – exactly what we are trying to avoid. I cannot advise on which way cattle prices will move in the next 45 days. However, gambling that an option may go in our out of the money would not be part of our trading approach. If it were my option, I would work it for a buyback at the best price possible and move on to more profitable trades.

      I hope that helps.


  3. Ron Yakus Says:
    October 18, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    The book is a great read…..Buy it through OptionSellers for the best price..


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