How to Sell a Strangle with Commodity Options




How to Sell a Strangle with Commodity Options

Michael Gross explains the advantages of selling strangles for your option selling portfolio.   Benefits of the Strangle
  1. Double Premium but not Double Margin (Higher ROI)
  2. Offsetting Risk Effect makes more stable, durable position
  3. Ability to profit over a wide range of price movements
  4. Can produce in both trending or non-trending markets
  5. Capitalizes on Market Volatility
Watch the video to learn more, also read our full article here How to Sell an Option Strangle in Commodities
  1. I am very much in selling OTM calls /puts on index/equity/etfs & love the strategy works very well & sleep good every night. I am retired & small investor can’t fit my account in your $250k requirements.
    My question is do you offer any paid membership on commodities trades which i can follow and do the trading myself, love to hear from you on this subject.
    i did sell July Silver 12P/21C strangle posted in March 16 news letter read front to back & watch all links and eagerly wait for next issue. Since its free i do get obligated to donate some profits to Philadelphia children’s hospital every year. Please keep up good work & continue news letter & links to your videos.

    • Says:
      March 7, 2016 at 1:18 am

      Dear Kanu,

      Thank you for your email and I’m glad the strategy is getting results for you.

      Unfortunately, the only way we work with investors is through our managed accounts. We do, as you know, offer a number of free resources to interested investors. However, most of our actual trade and positioning strategies are reserved for our clients.

      Good luck with the silver spread and its good to hear that you’re using some of your profits to support worthy causes.

      We’ll keep the educational material coming to you.

      Michael Gross

  2. Nice video explaining the strangle strategy…..easy to understand….

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