OptionSellers.com in the Media

James Cordier of OptionSellers.com is regularly featured in the media. Below is a small sampling of these appearances.

CNBC – Time to Buy Gold? CNBC Interviews James Cordier on Gold Prices – From “Closing Bell,” November 18th, 2016.

OptionSellers.com’s James Cordier and/or Michael Gross have appeared in nearly every major financial media in the US and many across the world. Whether it be live television or radio interviews, print or online interviews, published articles, features for our books The Complete Guide to Option Selling series – the traders at OptionSellers.com are in demand for two rare and specialized areas of expertiseOption Selling and Commodities Market Fundamentals.

If you are a media representative who would like to request interviews, appearances, speaking engagements, a published work or large book purchases – call 813-472-5760.

A sampling of various appearances, interviews and articles can be found below.

Our Book - The Complete Guide to Option Selling

Video Interviews

Gold Prices Ready to Fall? Cordier says “Yes”

CNBC – July 6, 2016

Cordier challenges Andy Lipow on Oil Prices

CNBC – June 8, 2016

Cordier Predicts Oil Fall Below $35

CNBC – May 16, 2016

Oil Price Forecast

CNBC – December 28, 2015

Precious Metals

CNBC – September 24, 2015

Crude Oil Prices

CNBC – August 19, 2015

Higher Oil Prices

FOX Business – May 12, 2015

OPEC & Oil Prices

CNBC – NOV 13, 2014

Crude Oil Prices

BNN – NOV 11, 2014

Precious Metals, Gold Prices

The Street – NOV 11, 2014

Time to Buy Gold?

Fox Business – SEP 22, 2014


Published Articles

Time To Take Out A ‘Shopping List’ For Commodities

KITCO News – AUG 18, 2015

TD Ameritrade
James Cordier Offers His ABCs for Selling Options

TD Ameritrade – MAR 05, 2015

Interview: The Sell Side with James Cordier

Traders.com | Stocks & Commodities Mag – FEB 2015

Trader Planet
Is Gold The Next Big Thing?

Trader Planet – JUN 05, 2015

Trader Planet
Fertile Fields For Corn Call Sellers This Summer: Here’s Why

Trader Planet – JUN 01, 2015

If You’re Looking for a Commodity to Short, Look at Corn

MarketWatch – MAY 29, 2015

Crude Oil Looks Ready to Cruise Higher this Summer

MarketWatch – MAY 15, 2015

Trader Planet
Coffee – Broad View of Fundamentals Continues to Favor Call Sellers

Trader Planet – MAY 01, 2015

Put Down that Cup, it’s Time to Short Coffee

MarketWatch – APR 29, 2015

Seeking Alpha
Fundamentals In Coffee Continue To Favor Bears

Seeking Alpha – APR 28, 2015


Radio Interviews

James Cordier Strategic Investor Radio Interview

March 02, 2016

James Cordier MoneyLife Radio Interview

DEC 05, 2014

James Cordier Bloomberg Radio Interview

DEC 05, 2014

James Cordier Jordan Goodman Radio Interview

NOV 11, 2014

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