James Cordier

Founder, President, Author, OptionSellers.com

James Cordier

James Cordier is the founder, president and head trader of OptionSellers.com in Tampa, Florida. With over 30 years of option trading experience, he is a featured expert on the futures and options markets, regularly appearing on/in CNBC, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Forbes, CNN Money, Dow Jones Newswires and Barrons. James’ published articles on option writing have appeared in Futures Magazine (US), Energy Risk (UK), Your Trading Edge (Australia) and MoneyWorks Magazine (Dubai). He is co¬author of the book The Complete Guide to Option Selling 1st,2nd and 3rd Edition, (McGraw Hill 2015).

James’ study of the commodities market began at age 14 when a silver coin collection sparked his interest in silver futures. He began his career at Heinold Commodities in Milwaukee as a broker in 1984. Several years of working with physical producers of certain commodities built a solid knowledge base of market fundamentals. It was during these years that James learned the value of knowing market fundamentals in commodities trading.

After nearly a decade in the industry, James began to notice that many of his investors who bought options tended to see them expire worthless. Seeking better results for his clients, he began a study of institutional trading strategies which led him to the concept of selling options. By the late 1990’s, Cordier had begun working with clients in implementing the strategy (see our story).

It was during this time that James began to evolve as a “go to” source for the national financial media in need of informed insight into the fundamentals of commodities markets such as gold, oil and coffee.

In 1999, having established a solid reputation and a certain level of notoriety within the industry, James founded the firm that would become OptionSellers.com, an investment firm specializing exclusively in Selling Options.

In 2003, he was approached by McGraw-Hill publishing to write a book about his investment method. This eventually became The Complete Guide to Option Selling (First Edition). Now a classic in investment books, The Complete Guide is now going stronger than ever in its 12th year, currently in its fully updated 3rd Edition.

James has been a member in good standing of the National Futures Association since 1984 and boasts an impeccable record of ethical conduct.

Despite a heavy media schedule, James continues to head the day to day management of client portfolios. He works directly with most client equity and never underestimates the importance of staying in close contact with his clientele’ on an individual basis.

James resides in Tampa, Florida where he is an avid boater, physical fitness enthusiast and active in several charities.