The Fed Ushers in Opportunities for Credit Spreads




The Fed Ushers in Opportunities for Credit Spreads

James Cordier’s Market Update for May 20, 2016 deals with the cloud of uncertainty revolving around the Fed’s June rate decision that has brought additional volatility into the option markets. That means opportunities to write credit spreads. Learn more about the Credit Spread concept in our book, “The Complete Guide To Option Selling” 3rd Edition and our article on The Ratio Credit Spread.
  1. I’ve read your book a couple of times, Jim, and enjoy being a snailmail and email subscriber.
    In my TDAmeritrade trading account, I’ve already increased my cash/equity 40% in the last four months thanks to your option-selling trading methodology totally with Brent Crude (/CL) and Gold (/GC).

    I don’t yet qualify for a managed-trading account with you, but I will qualify by early 2017.

    • Michael Gross Says:
      June 7, 2016 at 5:24 pm

      Hello Randy,

      Thank you for the feedback and glad we can be of help.

      Best of luck in your option writing.


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